Who We Are

Karen’s lifelong avocation is helping others. She devotes her considerable analytical skills, with empathy and perseverance, to solving tough problems—the tougher, the better. According to her, almost any situation can be viewed through the prism of a New Yorker cartoon. Karen’s clients and colleagues appreciate her ability to simplify complex issues and bring humor to challenging situations. While raising two cool kids with her husband Peter, she serves a variety of non-profit groups, including Wealth of Wisdom, which she founded in 2015.


Karen Parker Feld

Chief Executive

Jeff is a battle-hardened investor who cut his teeth during the financial crisis of 2008. Most recently he led global macro research and tactical asset allocation at a Boston-based family office, where he created a quantitative framework for identifying relative value opportunities. A former football player and boxer, Jeff loves competition, but for his brain's sake now limits the sparring to friendly games of poker, Settlers of Catan, or Scrabble. Jeff possesses a voracious appetite for learning and a proclivity for self-improvement.


Jeff Egizi

Senior Investment Advisor

Barry is an MBA graduate with an undergrad degree in accounting and finance, who brings five years of Fidelity experience to the firm. He is a hard worker who prides himself on being a trusted colleague and loyal friend. Barry uses his professional experience to help individuals with their financial concerns. Born and raised in New Hampshire, Barry enjoys being outdoors - usually hiking or at the beach. He lives in Portsmouth with his fiancée and spends most of his free time with friends and family.


Barry Betters

Investment Advisor

Despite venturing off to near (Boston) and distant (Spain & California) lands for studies and work, Sean has settled down in the seaport town of Portsmouth. An avid sportsman, Sean always finds time for soccer, sailing on a nice day, or besting his friends in any activity involving gamesmanship. Sean carries his competitive nature to the workplace, as he prides himself on precision. He is always eager to tackle new challenges, often leaning on his mathematical skills to solve financial puzzles.


Sean McMullen

Investment Advisor

Consistent with the eldest child stereotype, Allison was born dependable and meticulous. In her work, she’s able to focus on the details without losing sight of the big picture, and the team enjoys the good energy she brings to the office. Allison believes that, in order to progress, one must be dedicated to continuous learning. When not at the office, she likes spending time outdoors alongside her husband, Chris, and their young son, Luke. This lifelong equestrienne also enjoys being at the barn with her horse, spending time with her family, and hiking with her two Boxer dogs.


Allison Bolia

Investment Advisor Analyst

Although the newest member of the KPF Global team, Adele brings many years of administrative and client service to her role as Investment Administrator. Born and raised in the city of Chelsea—just over the bridge from Boston—Adele and her family moved to New Hampshire in 1997 and reside a few steps away from KPF Global HQ. A stereotypical middle child, Adele has spent her entire life playing fair and resolving conflicts, valuable skills as she entertains her three grandchildren! Adele enjoys reading, baking, spending time touring the Seacoast on the back of her husband's Harley, and can be found at a nearby beach on most summer weekends.

Adele Fee

Investment Administrator

Yon has devoted his career to pursuing the interesting and challenging, no matter where that path may lead. He has developed software, managed hedge funds and mutual funds, and allocated capital for large institutions. Before he traversed the peaks and valleys of finance, Yon received an undergraduate degree in chemistry, knowing full well he was not cut out for life in a lab! He now spends free time with his wonderful wife Nicole experiencing an odd combination of humility and pride as he watches his twin sons surpass anything he was able to achieve athletically. He is simply in awe of his daughter's grace and intelligence.

Yon Perullo

Consultant, Risk Management

Tao has been active in markets for 15 years. Starting out as a foreign currency analyst, he has grown into an experienced macro investor. Tao’s passion is analyzing market dynamics, using quantitative tools to uncover new opportunities. Outside business hours, he loves spending time with family, and is growing up alongside his two young daughters Melody and Harmony. Tao does not fit the stereotype of the geeky Chinese quant; he enjoys time on the basketball court and is a great fan of cinema—he’s even invoked Godfather movies to explain market risks.


Tao Long

Consultant, Quantitative Research

Where We Are

KPF Global is located in the rural idyll of Kensington, New Hampshire, about an hour north of Boston and near the famed Phillips Exeter Academy.   Set in a 270-year old barn fronting 68 acres of pastureland and woods, we enjoy spectacular displays of birds, bees and flowers (and in the winter, Antarctic-worthy snow and wind) as we contemplate the intricacies of the investment world.

You’d never guess from the outside the magnitude of computing and brainpower we devote to helping our clients succeed.  When a spiritual respite is needed, we welcome clients to the sanctuary of our modern office, lovely views and comfortable chairs.  Come visit!